Legalize | Section League | Food For Thought | MAXI Bazaar


A rage mainly across business and media schools, Legalize in MAXI’s and XLRI’s only international flagship event which completed its 6th edition last year. Legalize celebrates the concept of surrogate marketing by exhorting the participants from the best B-schools from around the world to walk the tight rope of developing a surrogate for a product and that too with panache. The teams are expected to conceptualize a “taboo” product and come up with an ad-campaign around it.

Being a completely digital event, over the years, Legalize has seen participation from media and business schools from different parts of the world, entries for which can be seen on YouTube. In the past, the event has seen association with several media giants like Oglivy & Mather. To know more about Legalize, check out the promotional video of their 6th edition.

Section League

MAXI section league XL CLASICO is the perfect mix of marketing, fun and true XL style bonding.  Different sections of the junior batch spar in this fun series of competitions hosted by MAXI.

The events range from taking the right section selfie to packing the right name and marketing section champions, with the help of all marketing tools available at disposal right from newspaper ads to videos, street marketing and 1:1 marketing.

The section league is all about sections coming together as one unit to strategize and put their best foot forward to emerge victorious in this battle of wits, wisdom and wackiness. The league culminates in a night of fantastic revelry, exhilarating performances and lobbying for votes for the chosen champions. It is a hard fought contest, where one section is declared the victor and earns bragging rights among other benefits.

Food for Thought

In order to provide the students with industry insights, MAXI organizes a series of Food for Thought sessions where experts from the industry are invited to speak about their experiences. It is a perfect opportunity for students of XLRI to get firsthand knowledge from the experts themselves. FFT sessions have acted as the most useful form of industry interface for the students in the past.

The latest FFT session has been the most popular ‘Research through gaming’ session by Betty Adamou, CEO of Research through Gaming in MAXI fair 2017. To name a few from last year, the first in line was an evening of discussion about Life, The Universe and Acing the Case Competition by Prithwish Datta (Nationals Winner, TAS TBLA 2015; XLRI Batch of 2013-15). Next was a session by Ms Shalini Rao, a strategy and marketing consultant with over 2 decades of industry experience spanning varied roles and industries. She shared her diverse experiences over an interactive session with the senior batch. MAXI also partnered with Idea Cellular Ltd for a session for the students of Sales and Distribution Management course. As a part of the Leadership Talk, Mr. Boilal Gangte, currently the Marketing Head of Bihar & Jharkhand region for Idea Cellular, educated the batch on the Telecom Industry.

Maxi Bazaar

MAXI Bazaar is best described as Total Marketing @XLRI. Now, imagine a genetically-designed egg which can deliver a custom-made individual for you, your own Alfred if you will. You have only to name the physical and mental features you were looking for, and they would incorporate it all in the Lobolz Egzs — which grows into a kid in nine hours — and thereafter, at an accelerated rate, into the individual you were looking for your company or for yourself.

“We are targeting big corporates and high networth individuals,” says the would-be marketing manager of Lobolz Egzs.

This is just a sample of the marketing products which range from the whacky to the most incendiary. Maxi Bazar is the first mega event on campus which is an icebreaking event among the junior and senior batch meant to facilitate interaction and also introduce them to the rigours of the life in the B-School. Designed as a 24hour game, the event incorporates all the fun of a regular icebreaking session with the serious learning that has become the hallmark of all XLRI alumni.

At its core, the idea is simple - Learning total marketing having fun along the way. The batch of 360 gets split into teams of 30 across both disciplines. They are then tagged with senior batch volunteers. All this is geared towards creating a product or service which needs to be conceptualised, created, activated and demonstrated in a span of 24 hours. Every team is branded with a weird name of their own and the brief is to rack the brains enough to create the most out-of-the-box ideas as possible, with emphasis on lateral thinking and innovation.

The teams, after having decided their products/services, have to decide on the

  • brand name
  • logo
  • promotions
  • jingles
  • visibility
  • TG (based on cultural/ social/ personal/ lifestyle/ psychological aspects)
  • positioning (attribute-based/ emotional)
  • differentiation and benefits of the product to the customer and
  • value proposition (value for money/niche premium product

Product activation is the next logical step in this fun event with plays and skits, to be enacted before the student community and the faculty, emphasising the products and their utility as well as novelty.

The plays must convey a message or a story which mimics how an ad serves to effectively capture the essence of the offerings. Stalls are put up in the campus to prove to the faculty and judges which test their sales skills. ‘Push-Pull’, ‘Value Proposition’, ‘Competitive Advantage’ and ‘Differentiation Strategies’ are all a potpourri during this stage. In the end, a sizeable bounty awaits them making all this worthwhile.